I have loved visiting cemeteries since I was a child. It used to freak out my mom because she thought I was thinking about death too much but I was more curious about the lives of the people buried there. Through the years I have also been fascinated by the numerous head stones and grave markers. Please enjoy my fascination!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Walk in the Moonlight

Last night, Robyn and I went on a flashlight cemetery tour at the Alhambra Cemetery in Martinez. A couple of times a year the Historical Society conducts walking tours of this historical cemetery. There were two scheduled - 6:30 pm and then 8:00pm. We chose the early one. I am not sure what time in the tour I took the the above photo. Here is a link to their site: http://www.martinezhistory.org/html/cemetery_tour.html

Many of the early residents of our county and the city of Martinez are buried there. The estimate is that there is about 3,300 graves there but not all are accounted for. The original caretaker of the cemetery double and triple-booked plots without anyone knowing. He eventually ended up at San Quentin Prison and buried at the Catholic cemetery across the street.

We saw the grave of Mr. Nakatani - a Japanese immigrant who helped developed the first beefsteak tomato. He is know as The Tomato King. I tried to take a photo but I forgot to use my flash....lol.

Here are some images I took of some of the grave markers:
One of the original wood grave markers - others were destroyed in a fire.

A unique marker made from pipe and sheet metal

Not sure of the story of those buried here - just thought the marker was unique!

This Saturday we will be going to Colma for a walking cemetery tour there. The theme is 'Gargoyles, Foo Dogs, and More: Interesting and Unusual Memorials'. I will have my camera ready!

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