I have loved visiting cemeteries since I was a child. It used to freak out my mom because she thought I was thinking about death too much but I was more curious about the lives of the people buried there. Through the years I have also been fascinated by the numerous head stones and grave markers. Please enjoy my fascination!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Update on the Gothic Chapel

The gothic "chapel" shown below is the final resting place of Frederick William Delger, often referred to as "Oakland's first millionaire." He was in the shoe business.


The Farmer Files said...

Hey....FYI....I am from CA originally! I am from San Diego, and met my husband in an elevator in college at UCLA, and after a series of moves we live in Hawaii. Much aloha!

Sweet Caroline said...

Hopefully the next time we visit our family on Oahu, we can all meet up somewhere! I told hubby that next timed we go, I have to check out cemetery or two - besides the Punch Bowl.