I have loved visiting cemeteries since I was a child. It used to freak out my mom because she thought I was thinking about death too much but I was more curious about the lives of the people buried there. Through the years I have also been fascinated by the numerous head stones and grave markers. Please enjoy my fascination!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Like an Egyptian...

There are a few of these pyramids around MVC. When all of the pyramid discoveries in Egypt were being publicized way back when, these crypts became popular!


The Farmer Files said...

Ok...my husband thinks is sooo cool. He would love to be buried in one of these and wants to know if you know how much something like this costs. I would have to make it REALLY BIG on LOST to be able to afford this for him! Ok...question...do you already know how you want to be commemorated after you die?

Sweet Caroline said...

Yikes....I really need to check my blog here once in a while....lol.

I think the tour guide said these were about $40,000 back in the 1940's - so translate that to bookoo bucks now....lol.

I know I would want my friends and family to throw a huge party to celebrate the things I loved when I was alive. I know I want to be cremated but not sure if I want to be scattered or where...maybe some of me on an old LOST set...hahaha!